“Dr. Thaik has been my cardiologist for less than a month, and here I am posting on her page. I’ve never been that moved by any other doctor.

She shows dedication to her patients and her profession each time she see’s you. She is friendly, caring, and compassionate. She has clearly had an impact on her staff as well, because each of them are just as friendly and show interest in me as a patient and as a person. It may sound like a small thing, but even when I am in the office to meet with someone other than Dr. Thaik, she goes out of her way to say hi. She actually remembers you and cares about how you are doing!

With her encouragement I am now working to lose weight through the Ideal Diet, which is a large part of what she offers patients. You can see and hear her passion about helping people when she starts talking about how she can help you reach your weight loss goals to begin living a healthier life. In less than 2 weeks in I’m down 11 pounds and I know that I will reach my ultimate goal to get off much of the medication I take due to my weight.

She and her staff are a godsend!” *

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Peter H., Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

“Thru lifestyle and nutrition Dr. Thaik has improved my health and quality of life.
Between the doctor and her staff I was counseled about weight loss, exercise, even meditation.I now maintain a normal weight and no longer need my blood pressure and statin medications….thank you Dr. Thaik.” *

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“Here is a BRILLIANT doctor. She is a great cardiologist and basically she changed my life. There are not many doctors that anyone can say that about, but she in fact changed my life. I’m a different person now in a thinner and healthier body because of her involvement in my life. Thank you Doctor Thaik for caring about healing, preventative medicine and trying to catch disease before it catches us…” *

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Don S., Burbank, CA

“From the first day I met Dr. Cynthia my life was changed.

Dr. Thaik helped me improve my quality of life. Dr. Cynthia helped me with my coronary issues and then helped me to improve my overall health by guiding through proper nutrition. With proper nutrition I was able to lose weight, lower my A1c, lower my cholestrol and triglyserides, lower my blood pressure and eliminate numerous medication.

If you are serious about your health and improving your quality of life I highly recommend that you make an appointment with Dr. Thaik.” *

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Charlie C,. Sierra Madre, CA

“I felt the need to post after reading the negative post from 5/2/2012. I was sent to Dr. Thaik after not being able to see another cardiologist because of scheduling problems. I was given an appt 2 days later with Dr. Thaik. On that visit she went through my medical history and then we discussed the reason for my visit. She was in no hurry to make a diagnosis nor send me on my way. She explained how there were numerous factors contributing to my condition and that i should be aware of them. I took a couple of tests ( EKG & Treadmill ) which showed no abnormalities. I left feeling good about things only to have the same symptoms appear a few days later. I called Dr. Thaiks office and they gave me an appt the very next day. I took another EKG which showed no problems once again but that didn’t sit right with Dr, Thaik so a nuclear treadmill test was scheduled a couple days later which showed an abnormality. I was taken to the hospital immediately an under went an angioplasty the next morning which showed a 96% closure of my LCA. I should have been a heart attack victim already but wasn’t for some strange reason. All the preliminary tests showed nothing but Dr, Thaik listened to me when i told her that I just didn’t feel good on the second visit. Her acute sense of my personal well being was the difference. I knew I didn’t feel well and she accepted that instead of totally relying on the test results of my 1st treadmill and ekg. In a nutshell Dr. Thaik saved my life and I will never be able to THANK her enough.” *

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Steven J. Glendale, CA

“Dr Cynthia Thaik was referred to me by a very good pal. He knew I needed a doctor that would communicate with me on a level I could understand and digest. After all, I spent most of my life taking very good care of myself with very aggressive training, eating right, no smoking, no alcohol etc….and then BAM …a heart attack 7 months ago. I was really scared and having thoughts and conversations I never had prior to Feb 3rd.
… The doctor that saved my life, while a brilliant technician, lacked what I needed to continue with him. (time, compassion, …. bedside manner !)
Dr Cynthia had everything I needed and MORE….she takes time with me, answering any and all questions. She has the ability, desire and wonderful staff to manage her patients appropriately . There is no waiting period that is unreasonable. My time is valuable and she appreciates that. Our goal to get off all of the medications. She put me on a specific food plan to reach that goal…..her approach is exactly what I wanted but didn’t know existed. I feel empowered by her and am certain we will reach the goal. Prior to meeting Dr. Cynthia I just felt I was “sentenced” to a life of fear and medications. I no longer feel that way. Thank you Dr. Cynthia!” *

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Stanton E., Los Angeles, CA

“I’ve had a great experience with Dr. Cynthia Thaik. She responded to my acute situation quickly and decisively. Dr. Thaik is a terrific health care professional. I didn’t say Doctor, although she is certainly a board-certified cardiologist, she is more than a doctor. She views her patients in their totality, combining her medical training with a holistic approach that emphasizes a healthy healing lifestyle. She is a doctor that doesn’t stop at treating the symptoms but works with the patients to find a cure. I personally like a doctor who isn’t restricted by her medical training but expands beyond it.” *

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Peter A., Simi Valley, CA