Who We Are

“Who We Are” by Keith Richmond Perchance to sleep, perchance to dream, when wishes are not all that they seem, you see, it is when the wishing clears away, that we can live a life of love each day. be not wrapped up in what your dreaming of, so tight you cannot see what comes

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“Healing” by Keith Richmond The healing we are capable of, from spirit living in our Love, is medicine strong enough to start, to close the hole left in a heart. Your promise lives in every kiss, in every word you share, and I, my love, would be a miss, not to surrender to your care.

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Spiraling Love

“Spiraling Love” by Keith Richmond With the miracle of the nourished heart, comes a reverie our soul can now impart, for the exchange that has now taken hold, is a formula of mathematic gold. From heart’s center comes a wondrous thing, the strand of love winds round just like a spring, it curves and grows

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“Limitless” by Keith Richmond Our mind’s potential is in question, in current press and lore, it is said it’s often barren, and so very possible of more. All the while that this concern, has us studying the brain’s parts, what we really must at last discern, is how to fully use our hearts. The effect

Poetry: A Greater Plan

“A Greater Plan” by Keith Richmond There are dark forces that do walk, Amongst the the bright and knowing, in false gestures and in empty talk, they will take the love we’re showing. But blindness does not justify, their path across the land, and when they start to vilify,

Perfect Fit

“Perfect Fit” by Keith Richmond In hearts that blend to live as one, is seen history in the making, from great forces like those found in the sun, a new world in shape is taking. Ocean waves do greet the shore, stirring the life of both below, waves recede and then return for more,


“Surrender” by Keith Richmond Shakespeare wrote of undying love, Mozart dictated to from high above, Michelangelo’s punishment was the Sistine pride, Van Gogh was tortured deep inside. The world’s masters all had a common thread, as creative thoughts ran through their head.

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