DetoxDetox cleans your system. Life is coming at us faster than ever before. E-mails, texts, the news, more bills and higher prices—not to mention longer hours at work and schedules for kids that get more complex by the week.

It can all be extremely overwhelming, and the pressure is often just too much to take. Ignoring feelings of mental and emotional burnout can cause your life to start moving in a downward spiral and even worse, can lead to serious illnesses.

Dr. Cynthia and her team have a 4-week mental detox program built to declutter your mind so you can rejuvenate, let go and feel alive and vibrant again!

Detox is Strategically designed to:Detox

  • Release and replace toxic emotions
  • Enhance your self image
  • Explore forgiveness and trust
  • Embrace self-love and gratitude

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Program Sneak Peak