heartmath-510x340Stress is a natural part of life and it can’t always be avoided. It comes from our perception and also emotional reactions to an event or thought. Feeling stress includes anxiety, irritability, frustration, or hopelessness.

Often stress is triggered by your mindset such as sensations of agitation, concern, anxiousness, anger, judgments, resentment, self-doubt and insecurity. These emotions are understood to drain psychological power while engaging in everyday life.

Emotions trigger the nervous system and stress hormones are activated causing harmful effects on the human brain and body.
Stress actually leads to a chaotic pattern in the heart’s rhythm causing your nerve system to run out sync. When this takes place, a cascade of over 1,400 biochemical adjustments are instated that have a wide range of effects on the body’s systems.

Integrative Medicine Treatments for Heart Problems Related to Stress
The source of stress is emotional, but most stress management focuses on quieting the mind or trying to relax. But they don’t address the root cause of the problem, which is recurring emotional patterns, that sustain stress production and cause disorders with the heart.
Emotion regulation (or self-regulation) strategies are a direct and effective method to override and transform underlying patterns of undesirable psychological, behaviorial and physiological stress responses.

HeartMath, a scientifically-validated system of techniques, programs and technologies addressing the core of stress response, has become a leader in treating heart problems related to stress. HeartMath is helping change how they respond to stress by giving them tools to create new habits that replace their old familiar stress feedback patterns, which leads to stress resistance and a higher tolerance for stressful situations.
HeartMath strategies focuses on creating new, recurring positive emotional response and enhances your heart rhythm patterns in a more natural pattern that also improves communication between the brain, heart, and nervous system.

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