Holistic Heart Health

Dr. Cynthia Thaik believes that optimal holistic heart health isn’t just about caring for the physical heart, but that focusing on the mind and body is also very important. Western medicine for heart-related diseases often overlooks the fact that you must also tend to your emotional, mental, and spiritual health. A holistic approach encourages such balances health.
The connection between the mind and body plays a huge role in optimal heart health. Most heart problems arise as a result of the body and mind being out of harmony. When your emotions, state of mind, and your soul are all aligned with your body then your organs are at ease and working more efficiently at maximum capacity. However, when the body and mind are disconnected through negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, anger, and fear, then the body enters an uneasy state in which the organs must work harder to function increasing the risk of disease.
To achieve a vibrant and revitalized heart it is important to maintain a delicate balance of mind-body connection. It is important to slow down and incorporate more peace and joy into our lives. To learn several ways on how to incorporate peace of mind to help heal the body and contribute to optimal health, see Dr. Thaik’s full article at: http://www.naturalsolutionsmag.com/alternative-medicine/features/east-meets-west