Love is Good for Heart Health

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Having love in your life is good for heart health. Whether it’s from a passionate lover, affectionate spouse, close friend, or adoring parent or pet, showing and receiving love is the best medicine for a healthy, happy heart. Here’s why. Love Lowers Blood Pressure Embracing someone you love, bantering with your best friend, snuggling with [...]

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Improve Your Mental Health with Holistic Health

By |October 12th, 2016|Blog|

We all know it's important to stay in good physical health. But what are you doing to stay in good mental health? Each year, nearly 1 in 5 Americans suffer from mental illness symptoms including stress, depression, anxiety, and mood swings. These symptoms can lead to feelings of helplessness and despair. However, research shows that [...]

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Mind: Brainwave Entrainment

By |August 5th, 2014|stress management|

Brain Wave Entrainment – Teach Your Brain to Relax Our amazing and complex brain is driven by electrical waves that vibrate at different frequencies. The speed of these frequencies determines our state of awareness, from deep sleep to high alert, causing our heartbeat to slow or speed up accordingly. What if you could harness the [...]

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Who We Are

By |August 5th, 2014|Poetry|

“Who We Are” by Keith Richmond Perchance to sleep, perchance to dream, when wishes are not all that they seem, you see, it is when the wishing clears away, that we can live a life of love each day. be not wrapped up in what your dreaming of, so tight you cannot see what comes [...]

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Spiraling Love

By |August 4th, 2014|Poetry|

“Spiraling Love” by Keith Richmond With the miracle of the nourished heart, comes a reverie our soul can now impart, for the exchange that has now taken hold, is a formula of mathematic gold. From heart’s center comes a wondrous thing, the strand of love winds round just like a spring, it curves and grows [...]

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