5 Ways to Naturally Lower Anxiety

5 ways to naturally lower anxiety

“How to Lower Anxiety” is a common question, asked by millions of people daily. If you are wondering how to lower your anxiety naturally, you will find 5 relatively simple, drug-free suggestions in this article. As with all medical conditions, please consult your physician or a medical professional when deciding to make changes to your […]

Why Sleep Is Equally as Important as Exercise and Diet

Why Sleep Is Equally as Important as Exercise and Diet Elise Morgan Image by pexels When trying to lose weight or even just maintain a healthy one, it is crucial to recognize just how important sleep is when comparing it to diet and exercise. With this said, there are unfortunately still many people that are […]

Get Swim Suit Ready with Holistic Health Tips & Non-Invasive Laser Treatments

Does the thought of swim suit season make you shudder? If you are like most people, you may have some weight gain left over from the holidays and skin damage from the bright southern California sun. But not to worry. By making a few holistic health changes to your inner body and using non-invasive laser treatments for […]