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Strengthening Your Immune System For The Virus Season

how to boost immune system naturally

When the temperature starts to change in the Fall and the Spring, many seem to be at the mercy of airborne viruses – especially those with weakened immune systems. But there is no need to worry. There are steps that anyone can take to help support their immune system during a tough viral season.

What Causes A Weakened Immune System?

There can be many things that we may not even consider when trying to keep our immune system strong. Here are some of the things that may contribute to weakened immune function:

1. Taking medication that reduces immune function in some way.

2. Not taking care of our gut can usher in short and/or longer-lasting immune concerns.

Gastrointestinal complaints like diarrhea, constipation, or gas can indicate a problem. More than 60% of your immune system has been found in the gut. So GI issues should be considered a sign that your immune system could also be compromised.

3. Not getting enough rest. When we sleep, our body is repairing and rebuilding. When we don’t get the sleep we need, over time this can contribute to a slower immune response.

4. Stress, both physical and mental, can weaken anyone’s immune system. It can be the biggest contributing factor to a weakened immune system.

How Can I Boost My Immune System Naturally?

Some of these may bring back memories of what Mother used to say, but let’s face it – they work.

1. Get plenty of sleep. This is the time that our body repairs, rebuilds and replenish deficient systems.

2. Eat wholesome nutrient-dense foods. Fresh, organic, homemade foods are good examples of this.

3. Take your vitamins! Make sure your Vitamin D is balanced. Consider getting tested if you are not sure. Supplement with Vitamin C, Zinc, Lysine, Glutathione, and B Vitamins. All available in our IVs.

How Does Zinc Help The Immune System?

Did you know that almost 40% of Americans are zinc deficient? That’s right! And when you are deficient, you can actually get sick more often. So we recommend ensuring you get at least 8 mg for women or 11 mg for men daily. Foods that are high in Zinc are:

• Oysters

• Alaskan Crab

• Pumpkin seeds

• Grass Fed Beef

• Dark Chocolate (70-85%)

• Legumes like chickpeas and lentils

• Cashews

Dr. Rush’s Immune IV contains 10 mg of Zinc.

Boost Your Immune System With IV Therapy

Dr. Rush has been offering IV therapy in her practice since 2005. She has some formulas that can help almost anything. Because there are so many that need help with their immune system, she has formulated a very nourishing Immune IV. In addition to the following, it also has electrolytes and lots of B vitamins.

• High Dose Vitamin C

Many feel that taking vitamin C orally will do the trick. Unfortunately, no one can take such a large dose of vitamin C all at once. For those that have tried, they found out that the consequences are diarrhea and being tied to the restroom. But when you get an IV with larger doses of C, your body sees this dose all at once and the results can be astounding. Dr. Rush’s Immune IV has a whopping 10 grams of C in it.

• Lysine

This little amino acid can help protect against certain viral outbreaks, like cold sores and other Herpes viruses. Stress is the main trigger for these types of viruses that tend to hide out in the spine. When we experience stress and don’t have enough Lysine levels, there is a resurgence of the virus. So if these happen to you, consider Dr. Rush’s Immune IV.

• Zinc

This trace element is necessary for your body to make immune cells and produce antibodies that are necessary for a proper immune response. Without enough Zinc, your body can’t activate enough of certain white blood cells that can shut down infected cells.

Have questions about IV Therapy? Dr. Rush offers a complimentary 15 minute consult to answer your IV questions before you make your first appointment.

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Dr. Cynthia Thaik, M.D., FACC is a Harvard-trained cardiologist serving the greater Los Angeles community at her holistic health center in Burbank and Valencia, CA. Dr. Thaik is the author of Your Vibrant Heart: Restoring Health, Strength, and Spirit from the Body’s Core. To learn more about Dr. Thaik or the Holistic Healing Heart Center, or to schedule an appointment, please contact info@drcynthia.com or call (818) 842-1410.

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