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Start Walking!

Heart Benefits of Walking Patsy Cline went out walking after midnight to ease her aching heart. Although it might not have had the outcome Patsy hoped for, in actual fact walking at any time of day can be the best heart medicine of all. Walking really is the perfect exercise. Physical inactivity is a risk […]

Childhood Obesity: The view of a 10-year old child

Childhood Obesity written by Andrew Thein, Dr. Cynthia’s son These days, too many children are obese due to poor eating habits and lack of exercise. A few ways children can become healthier is by eating more vegetables daily and increasing their exercise. Children my age are eating too much of the wrong kind of food. […]

Live Your Healthiest Summer Ever!

Ten Simple Summer Health Tips Summer is officially here! Did you know that summer is the healthiest season there is? In the longer and warmer days of summer we tend to slow down the stresses of our busy lives and for most of us life becomes less chaotic, healthier, and happier. During summertime many of […]