Virtual Cardiovascular Health Coaching

Virtual Cardiovascular Health Coaching with a Group

The Holistic Healing Heart Center is now offering virtual cardiovascular health coaching with a group, for those who have an interest in improving their cardiovascular health, lowering their weight, or otherwise improving their health habits. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. With the coronavirus pandemic taking a particularly heavy toll on those who suffer from chronic cardiovascular disease, it makes perfect sense to put time and effort into a lifestyle modification program to help manage your heart disease. 

What is Virtual Health Coaching?

There are a lot of people suffering from chronic health problems: 40% of Americans have at least one chronic health condition, according to the National Health Council. Of these, about 40 million find that their condition comes with limitations affecting their regular quality of life. However, 85% of chronic conditions can be attributed to factors other than genetics, meaning that there are elements of these conditions that we can influence. This is where virtual health coaching comes in. People who are interested in improving their health and chronic conditions, and boosting their immune health, can join a health focus group. Patients who participate in one of these programs can make progress with some or all of these issues:

Brain Fog


Body Aches

Physical Pain


Emotional Swings

Skin Irritations

Losing Weight

More Besides

In these focus groups, chronic heart patients or patients with other chronic health issues can support each other through sharing resources, stories, challenges, and successes. Dr. Thaik’s guided program includes:

  • Live weekly virtual sessions with a health coach and other group members
  • Access to a supportive group chat
  • Functional education on the issues pertinent to you improving your health
  • Help with creating health goals and habits that are sustainable long-term (such as increased physical activity)
  • Support on the major impediments to good health associated with your condition
  • Virtual Coaching Helps Patients Stay Fit

By joining one of our small virtual coaching groups, you’ll be part of a regular Zoom meeting led by either Dr. Thaik, Nurse Practitioner Doddie Wilson, or both. Guided content will allow participants to change their health in functional ways such as nutrition, sleep, healthy habit-forming, stress, movement, and more. The community of like-minded people that will be on this journey with you will also help you stay motivated.

Reducing Secondary Cardiac Events with Virtual Coaching

Joining and maintaining participation in cardiac rehabilitation programs such as this one have a substantially beneficial effect on personal health. Joining a cardiac rehab program could be the best decision you make for your health! Cardiac-related readmission rates for cardiac rehab patients in programs such as ours is just 10-15%. What’s better, this group care is generally covered by most insurance carriers (copays do apply, since these are considered clinic visits). Each of the 12 weekly sessions will be billed by us via your insurance.

If you are interested in booking a spot on one of our cardiac rehab programs, you can sign up through our website.