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Annie McRae

Nutritional Consultant

Annie is an experienced nutritionist having graduated from The Institute of Optimum

Nutrition (ION) London UK in 1998 with honors. Annie tutored Year 2 ION Students for 3 years throughout the curriculum having a group of 12 students per year.

Annie was a partner in The IBS & Gut Disorder Centre, London which was awarded runner up in CAM Awards UK in 2009 for outstanding practice. Her depth of knowledge expands across many health conditions. Having worked for several years with a supplement company in England she is skilled in choosing the right supplements for her clients. For 10 years now she has brought her expertise to the Los Angeles area.

Annie learned cooking from an early age using fresh organic vegetables and unadulterated produce from the farm where she was brought up. This has influenced her belief in “clean eating”

She understands people’s busy lifestyles but simply explains how to prepare fresh nourishing food without spending hours in the kitchen. She firmly believes that with less processed food (full of chemicals) it reduces the body’s toxic load making it easier for the body to heal itself.

Annie customizes her clients’ meal plans to focus on the right foods for healing and to reduce or avoid those that are a hindrance to health. She has discovered her role as an educator, motivator, and encourager invaluable as she carefully listens to her clients and then imparts their personal nutritional strategy.

With her passion for nutrition Annie’s aim is for everyone to be successful on this health journey and achieve their health goals.

Mrs B – Woodland HIlls, CA

Annie is such a delight to work with. She’s been so caring and thoughtful as my husband has been experiencing stomach issues. Her recommendations have been showing results for him already. He is thrilled to be finding relief and as his wife, am happy that he is feeling better.

Thank you Annie for your suggestions and being such a caring person.

Mrs Z -Woodland Hills, CA

Not only is Annie a lovely, soft spoken person, but she is also a tremendous nutritionist who helped me lose weight and gain a whole new perspective on healthier eating habits. Through her guidance and education on gluten and the effects of gluten on the digestive system, I have managed to make huge strides in improving my overall health. A superb nutritionist and amazing person.

Mrs S – Los Angeles, CA

Go ahead and book that appointment. You will be happy you did. Not only did she help with digestive issues, my life long eczema has completely disappeared. After filling out a very detailed questionnaire, Annie made dietary recommendations specifically for me and I feel much better. She is very knowledgable and provides easy ways to incorporate better nutrition into your life.

Mrs W – Sheffield UK

I was advised to contact Annie after a friend recommended her. I was desperate for a change (for myself, my husband and my 2 children. I was lethargic, feeling exhausted, constantly run down, bloated, feeling nauseated, struggling to sleep, and experiencing mood swings. I had struggled with chronic, persistent thrush eery few weeks. The doctors treatment was temporary and within a couple of weeks it returned. Little did I know that diet had so much to answer for.

Annie was clear, precise and confident. I was amazed at her specialist understanding, She fine tuned my dietary eating plan to my needs.- She did this from a thorough medical history, and tests exploring my normal diet and lifestyle. I felt a little overwhelmed when she advised me to go gluten, dairy and gluten free but she gave me so much practical advice, dietary plans and recipes and taught me how to eat differently She was hugely supportive, and being in another country, was contactable via email throughout the months I was doing the regime.

Within a month I was feeling better and within 2 months I was feeling unrecognisably better. The thrush had gone and not returned. I had more energy for the kids, my husband and felt more positive. Five months later I can say these changes have made such an enormous difference to my life and wellbeing.

Mrs D – Van Nuys, CA

Annie is an excellent nutritionist. Last year I was experiencing severe digestive issues. I had stomach pain, nausea, bloating and extremely sensitive itchy skin. I saw my doctor and two gastroenterologists that weren’t able to help me. One specialist said to me, after many tests, labs, including an endoscopy that I would just have to live like that because they couldn’t find anything wrong. I stopped eating gluten, dairy and sugar in hopes to feel better, I didn’t get better, in fact, my overall health was deteriorating. I also had symptoms of arthritis, brain fog and chronic fatigue. Then I met with Annie, and she has been a miracle worker! Very caring right from the beginning. After filling out a questionnaire and consulting with her, she immediately requested lab work and recommended supplements. She also made dietary recommendations that were very helpful. She continued to adjust and change the supplement plan as my body healed. I now eat foods that are good for my body and take supplements that keep my digestive system healthy. I would recommend Annie to anyone and everyone I know. She is knowledgable, intuitive and more like a miracle worker/nutritionist. Thank you Annie!

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