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Doddie Wilson

Doddie Wilson

Nurse Practitioner

Doddie Wilson is a certified adult nurse practitioner who assists in providing primary health care to Dr. Cynthia’s patients. Doddie has over twenty years of high-level nursing experience including coordination of in-hospital cardiac clinical trials, serving as the primary nurse in Dr. Cynthia’s congestive heart clinic, and involvement in community home health nursing.

Doddie’s goal is, “to develop a practice that is based on mutual trust, respect and responsibility to the patients and their families”.


Doddie received her Bachelors in Nursing from California State University, Los Angeles. She went on to receive her Masters in Nursing through the University of Phoenix and decided to pursue her certificate as an Adult Nurse Practitioner through California State University, Los Angeles. Doddie is bilingual – fluent in both English and Spanish.

9/22/2019 by Nathaly – La Verne, CA

I would recommend this health office for people looking for a place that can offer options and referrals for alternative medicine. I like that they have their credentials in orthodox medicine but also try to incorporate alternative medicine choices for their patients. Doddie Wilson is a sweetheart. It doesn’t feel like a doctor’s visit when you see her. (It feels like you are talking to a beloved, older relative that gave you the best hugs when you were a kid). She is thorough and open to different options when talking about your health. She is a professional but also compassionate. She did several blood tests and was wiling to work with my other practitioners to help me get the most accurate diagnosis and treatment for my health issues. I was able to wean off my prescription hypothyroid medicine and start taking a thyroid supplement they have by Orthomolecular instead to help support my gland. This was my choice not something she pushed on me but I appreciated the option and support I got from her and her staff. I also like that the staff will give you copies of all your labs and tests without a hassle. The staff who are mostly ladies that work here, are all very sweet and competent. I was so happy to see they offer women wellness exams, HRT, LDN, and good quality supplements as well. I prefer my doctors be open-minded and work with the patient to come up with a good course of treatment. I would recommend this office.

7/23/2018 by Darwin – Glendale, CA

I don’t know where to start, other than to say I would have a difficult time seeing another doctor after becoming a patient of Dr. Thaik. I have been a patient here for around 6 months and my expectations have been raised to a place I am not sure can be met by many. Dr. Thaik and Nurse Practitioner Doddie Wilson have shocked me over and over again with their thorough nature and the time that they will take to make sure that anything and everything is addressed. I have never had anyone spend the time with me that they have. So much is starting to go right and the positive changes have been adding up.

The staff is fantastic too. I always look forward to seeing them when I come in. Everyone is so kind and helpful, even though they can get quite busy. I was actually walking out of an appointment recently and said, “I love you guys, always good to see you”. When I got outside I realized that I had just told them I loved them. I guess I do. Top notch doctor, top notch staff. I could not be happier, nor could I feel like I was in any better hands.

5/14/2019 by Dylan – Ridgecrest, CA

I have been wrestling with health issues most of my life. Most Doctors shrug their shoulders and throw pills at me and tell me to “see if it helps”.

Dr. Thaik is the antithesis of these practices. She is a WHOLE BODY wellness practitioner and her entire practice embodies the ideas of western medicine meets eastern medicine and holistic healing and mind/body integration. She is as good as it gets with professional manner, depth of knowledge, and true caring for her patients. She treats my cardiac issues personally, caringly, and with tremendous acumen.

Doddie, the Nurse Practitioner takes her time and truly cares about the care you are getting. She is a part of my Whole Wellness Team that is complimentary, but also checks each aspect of my care from lab work to imaging and everything else. She is a joy to be with and cares deeply about her patients. Essentially, EVERYTHING you need for your health and wellness plans can be had here in one place. Look for truly “out of the box” thinking and approaches to your healthcare!!! The office staff is amazing and they treat you with respect and dignity. I cannot stress enough how incredible this entire practice is. It is the sum of ALL of its parts and you WILL thank me for recommending them to you!

10/9/2018 by Veronica – Garden Grove, CA

OMG!!! I just had my very 1st appointment here and let me tell you ALL the ladies here at this office are Amazing!! They truly care about you and your health. This was THE MOST THOROUGH medical appointment I’ve ever had! I have seen countless Drs and Thank God this is the last. Thank you to Ashley, Carla, Lisa & Dodi!! Really wish every place felt like this! Appreciate all your help and kindness Can’t wait to come back!! (Who really says that about the Drs?? Lol)

4/27/2018 by Tita – Glendale, CA

Dr. Thaik is an incredible physician and human being. The nurse practioner, Dodi, is equally as remarkable and they are the dream team in my view. They are both proponents of dispensing less pharmaceutical drugs (unless needed), and embracing a more integrative approach to healing. Their practice is dedicated to this philosophy and it took me a while to find Dr. Thaik and Dodi within the medical community and my insurance covers their services to boot – yeah!!! Usually integrative practitioners are not covered by insurance.

I read through some of the reviews and read a complaint about having supplements pushed at this practice. I can tell you this. I had a thorough check up and blood work, etc. and given the results, I was advised on which supplements and lifestyle changes would be helpful for optimal results. I would rather get this advice any day of the week vs. being limited to taking pharma drugs. And given my sensitive system, I often cannot take many supplements. But Dr. Thaik and Dodi have done their homework and taken the guesswork out. As a result, up to this point I am not experiencing reactions to the supplements they have recommended for my deficiencies. I for one, am all about taking charge of my health. I have an autoimmune condition that has improved as a result of taking an integrative approach and addressing gut issues. I don’t take any drugs and my focus in on strengthening my immune system. Dr. Thaik and Dodi are the perfect team for me! They share their knowledge and don’t sugar coat issues that need to be addressed. And they do this with a lot of care, integrity and concern for their patients. There is a lot of good communication taking place between patient and doctor and they listen. My appointments are never rushed and I always leave more empowered with education and knowledge they transfer to me as a patient. Their front office staff are equally as professional and that office is just filled with kindness and care. More doctors should run their practices this way.

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