EndoPAT Test

patient talking to nurse about endoPAT test

There are numerous ways to check for healthy endothelial function (also known as veinal and arterial health), but perhaps the most efficient and least invasive option available is the EndoPAT test. The Holistic Healing Heart Center is able to offer EndoPAT testing to our patients who want to receive information about their cardiovascular health. For a long time, healthcare professionals have recognized the status of endothelial dysfunction as the canary in the coal mine of cardiovascular disease, the earliest detectable sign of something to be concerned about. It is not only easily detectable, but reversible, unlike more advanced cardiovascular issues such as high cholesterol.

What is EndoPAT Testing?

EndoPAT testing is an FDA-cleared form of assessing endothelial function. The endothelium is the membrane that forms the inner lining of all blood vessels, and controls how your blood vessels dilate or constrict to affect blood pressure throughout your body. Endothelial cells perform a vital role in ensuring the homeostasis of the body (the equilibrium necessary for regular function), regulating inflammation, oxidative stress, and auto-immune disease.

The test itself is administered in a similar way to how blood pressure is measured. Your arteries’ blood flow is measured before and after a blood pressure cuff has been applied, by placing a finger (usually the index finger) in a small device. The procedure is non-invasive, no blood is drawn, and the procedure typically takes around 15 minutes. The test can identify conditions that may lead to risk factors such as high blood pressure. The EndoPAT test is favored by many health professionals including the team at the Holistic Healing Heart Center because of its non-invasive nature, its reliable, reproducible nature, and ease of use.

EndoPAT Signals: Normal Response

EndoPAT Signals: Impaired Response

EndoPAT Signals: Spontaneous Vasoconstriction

EndoPAT Signals: Raynaud’s Syndrome

EndoPAT Signals: Systemic Lupus Vasculitis

EndoPAT Signals: Post-COVID endothelial dysfunction

Assessing Endothelial Vasodilator Function

Testing for Cardiovascular Irregularity In Los Angeles with the Holistic Healing Heart Center

There are different areas where vascular inflammation and unstable blood vessels can crop up.

There are multiple disease states that can be caused by or lead to vascular inflammation and endothelial dysfunction.

Heart disease is a significant health issue for tens of millions of Americans, but it’s not only the heart that the EndoPAT test can protect. Every organ in the human body is endothelium-dependent, and this test can flag up concerns relating to many of them, from erectile dysfunction to kidney disease, heart attack, and stroke. If you are interested in booking an EndoPAT test with the Holistic Healing Heart Center, you can contact us through our website.