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Cardiovascular Executive Physical

The Holistic Healing Heart Center is Dr. Cynthia Thaik’s one-stop shop for all your healthcare needs. Whether it is primary care services, cardiovascular disease consultation, cardiovascular medicine consultation, nutritional counseling in Burbank, progressive heart disease and preventive treatment, functional medicine, naturopathic medicine, or integrative lifestyle programs to maintain health and offset disease and aging process, Dr. Cynthia and her team of practitioners provide exceptional health care. Conduct diagnostic cardiovascular testing for your best health in Los Angeles and Burbank.

At Holistic Healing Heart Center, heart specialist doctors are committed to helping you reach optimal health and vitality by providing you with the highest-quality care and exceptional service in a supportive environment. This is not your typical cardiovascular doctor visit; each new patient’s Cardiovascular Executive Physical experience is designed to cover everything from an extensive health intake, thorough innovative lab testing, state-of-the-art diagnostic cardiovascular testing, and comprehensive cardiovascular and physical examination. 

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Concierge Service without the Price tag

With the goal of staying healthy in mind, an executive cardiovascular physical is a comprehensive examination designed specifically for people with a busy schedule. The multitude of extensive diagnostic cardiovascular testing typically does take two or more visits to complete however this time commitment is fundamental in order to keep business owners or anyone with an occupying life style from getting sick and staying healthy. One of the best benefits of our integrative model is the fact that you get a comprehensive cardiovascular assessment with the majority of the testing performed as well as most of the integrative services covered under medical insurance. As opposed to Concierge medicine or other executive physical where the services are paid for out of your own pocket, making it unavailable to the average individual, Dr. Cynthia Thaik (cardiovascular medicine consultant) and the services of Holistic Healing Heart Center provides Concierge services without the expensive price tag. Need any cardiovascular disease consultation or cardiovascular medicine consultation, Call Now.

Dr. Cynthia’s holistic approach

  • Holistic cardiovascular care is an integrative approach that treats the whole person: mind/body and spirit by blending conventional medicine with natural or complementary therapies. A thorough  initial cardiovascular visit will assess not just your current health status- but your diet, sleep, emotional wellbeing, stress management, exercise and other lifestyle habits that may contribute to your health conditions.
  • Symptoms may have brought you to the doctor, but advanced lab and state of the art diagnostic testing can help identify and address the root cause.  We consider test results, lifestyle factors, nutrition, and stress management and develop a comprehensive treatment plan to help you attain an optimum level of wellness.
  • The holistic cardiovascular care model offers not only traditional allopathic care but also incorporates the best of complementary and alternative therapies to help you achieve optimum wellness, not just freedom from disease.

We invite you to take a step into an exciting new world of possibility where you are given the tools to take charge of your own health. We offer a safe and caring space with patient-centered care and science-based

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Dr. Cynthia’s Comprehensive Cardiovascular Evaluation

While most cardiovascular evaluation focuses only on the heart, the key component of the cardiovascular system is the circulation.  In fact, the heart is in essence an outpouching of the vascular tree, albeit, with more sophisticated structures, chambers, valves and function.  The circulatory system is comprised of the macrovascular (large arteries – aorta, carotid, brachial, femoral, and even coronaries to name a few) and microvascular system (all the tiny capillaries supplying the vital organs).  If we were to line all the vessels within a human body into a linear line, the circulatory system would span sixty to one hundred thousand miles or three times around the globe. If we were to flail open the vessels and place them side by side, the total surface area of the vascular circulatory system would span six and a half tennis courts.  The cardiovascular and endothelial system is in fact the largest organ within our bodies.  

The cardiovascular system is comprised of the endothelium (lining of the blood vessel) and the neuromuscular component (the muscular arterial wall and the systemic nervous system controlling its function).  A comprehensive cardiovascular examination must evaluate not only the heart (EKG, echocardiogram, stress test, nuclear scan), but the central vs peripheral pressures, cardiac output and systemic vascular resistance (ICG test), the endothelium (endoPAT test), the arterial waveform (MAX PULSE test) and autonomic regulation of the heart (Heart Rate Variability).  In addition, we have a heart sound recorder (HSR) that is uses a very sophisticated microphone that records not just heart sounds but uses an accelerometer like that used in seismograph to detect earthquake vibrations. So while the EKG detects the electrical activity of the heart, the HSR detects the movement and function of the cardiac valves, and the tone or mechanical impulse of the heart contractility.  Surprisingly, we have found that while the surface EKG might look normal, the underlying heart rhythm, rate and tone can look very abnormal and would not have been detected with an EKG, stethoscope, or even an echocardiogram.