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Cardiovascular Genomics

Find expert cardiovascular genomics and cardiac genetics testing in functional medicine in Los Angeles, Burbank. Take a genetic cardiac screening test Today. Dr. Cynthia Thaik M.D. specializes in the holistic healthcare of patients living with, or at risk of, inherited cardiac and vascular disorders. As one of the leading cardiologists doctor in Los Angeles, her holistic healthcare practice includes an experienced holistic cardiologist team to ensure you get exactly the care you need.

The American Heart Association’s statistics regarding heart and strokes have established that nearly half of all US adults (116.4 million, or 46%) are estimated to have hypertension, also known as high blood pressure. This is a gravely concerning statistic that places over 4 in 10 Americans at risk of heart disease. The numbers don’t lie: every 38 seconds, on average, someone dies as a result of cardiovascular genomics disease, be it a heart attack or something else. A stroke claims a life approximately every 3.7 minutes. In the face of these sobering numbers, the importance of taking cardiovascular health extremely seriously should be apparent to everyone. Through proactive efforts, heart disease can be prevented in many cases by using cardiac genetic testing, cardiovascular genetic testing, genetics testing in functional medicine and genetic cardiac screening tests by our best heart specialist doctor and holistic heart specialist doctor in Los Angles

Genetics and Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular genomics diseases stand as the primary contributor to mortality in the United States. Nearly 1 in 4 deaths can be attributed to heart failure. Despite significant advancements in heart disease treatments, including the use of aspirin, cholesterol-lowering medications like statins, and cutting-edge medical technologies such as pacemakers, cardiovascular disease continues to prevail, accounting for a growing percentage of lives lost in the United States each year. A contributing factor to this alarming trend is the presence of inherited heart diseases. The reality is that we are all susceptible to some degree of risk. Our genetic makeup is just one component of a broader puzzle that encompasses numerous external factors.

What Is Cardiovascular Genomics?

Genomics is the study of the entire genome, as opposed to focus on a single gene. Cardiovascular genomics is the study of how genes interact in order to make heart-related diseases possible. The development of cardiovascular disease is a matter of both nature (a patient’s genetic predisposition towards inherited cardiac disease and vulnerability to acquired conditions), and nurture (factors such as diet, exercise, exposure to damaging elements). Illustrating the impact of diet as a major factor: every food or nutrient you ingest can either positively or negatively affect you, depending on your individual genetics. Our health can improve or worsen, depending on our diets.

Diet and Inflammation

Unfortunately for people living in the United States, the Western diet contains many foods which themselves contribute to inflammation within the body. Inflammation is responsible for activating genes that are potentially detrimental to your health. Nevertheless, by undergoing genetic testing for cardiovascular disease, you can determine the most suitable diet to minimize the risk of triggering these potentially harmful genes. Genetics is the first step in prevention of cardiovascular disease. One option, the Mediterranean diet, uses an abundance of olive oil. A study has found that when patients added just four tablespoons of olive oil to their diets, they dramatically reduced their risk factors for both heart disease and strokes. By exploring cardiovascular genomics, you can discover whether the Mediterranean diet aligns well with your genetic makeup or if there’s another diet better suited to your genes.

Cardiac Genetic Testing

When it comes to cardiac genetic testing for Los Angeles patients, Dr. Cynthia Thaik M.D. uses an advanced microarray platform called CardiaX. This platform can identify special needs plans associated with increased genetic predispositions to multiple medical conditions associated with heart disease. CardiaX should be used by patients who have family histories of cardiovascular issues or current family members with heart and vascular problems. If your family medical history is unknown, it is also advised that you undergo a genetic diagnosis via CardiaX. People who struggle to control their obesity, hypertension, or dyslipidemia, or those with early-onset heart disease that has no clear etiology should also pursue CardiaX. It can be of especial use to individuals who are curious about their long-term cardiovascular risks. 

Genetic testing can also identify family members who may have as much as a 50% chance of having the same genetic cardiovascular condition. We can work with you to help your family understand how they may be at risk of cardiovascular disease in the future, and how to offset that risk. Genomics does include things like congenital heart defects, but it also covers comprehending how those genes interact with your environment, different therapeutics, and lifestyle modifications. We will do what we can to improve your cardiovascular health, personalized to the precise, individual needs of your body.

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Hereditary Heart Disease Genes: Are You Predisposed To Cardiovascular Disease?

CardiaX is capable of testing for many genes. There are many that are responsible for various heart problems. Fifteen are listed below.

  1. 9p21 gene: Inflammation, plaque rupture, thrombosis, AAA, ASCVD, CHD, MI, DM, IR.
  2. 6p241.1: CHD and DVT.
  3. 4q25: Atrial Fibrillation.
  4. ACE 1/D: HBP, LVH, CRI, nephroangiogenesis, microalbuminuria, carotid IMT, CHD, MI.
  5. COMT: CIID, MI, HBP, and use of ASA and vitamin E.
  6. 1q25: CHD in DM.
  7. APO E4: CHD, lipids, dietary response, omega 3 FA.
  8. MTHFR (A128C and C677T) for methylation: Endothelial dysfunction, hypertension, thrombosis, CVD, CIID, MI, CVA and hyper-homocyesteinemia.
  9. CYP 1A2: HBP, MI, CHD, tachycardia, stiff aorta, PWV, AL, SBP, PP, vascular inflammation,
  10. Corin: Hypertension, CHF with ANP and BNP, CRF, CVD, volume and sodium balance, eclampsia.
  11. CYP 11B2: HBP and aldosterone.
  12. GSHPx (gluthathione peroxidase): CIID and MI.
  13. ADR B2: HBP, PRA and DASH diet and RAAS drugs.
  14. HETE CYPAII and CYP4F2: HBP, sodium and volume overload. ENac, amiloride.
  15. AGTRI: ARB response

Comprehensive Evaluation and Management of Patients with Heritable Cardiovascular Disease

There are substantial clinical benefits to having your cardiovascular genomics tested. The tests have great acuity in assessing both short and long-term risk of cardiovascular disease and strokes. It can also personalize primary prevention as a result of early identification of specific cardiovascular risk factors: in essence, revealing what steps you need to take to help prevent the activation of inherited heart conditions or the onset of heart issues that your genes are predisposed towards. The process can also ascertain your genetic predisposition to metabolize medications and other substances: ARB (Angiotensin II receptor blockers) for hypertension, vasodilators like Viagra, folate, caffeine, catecholamine, and RASS (Renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system) drugs. CardiaX can also test your genetic risk for different diseases such as:

You have the opportunity to take your health into your own hands, learn about your personal risk factors and the steps that you in particular can take to prevent cardiovascular disease. More research is being conducted every day. Cardiovascular genomic testing is revolutionizing the way that we treat heart disease, by empowering patients’ ability to use primary preventive medicine. Drug therapy can be tailored to the findings of the process. Targeted anti-hypertensive therapy is an especially common beneficiary of CardiaX.

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Choose the Holistic Healing Heart Center for Cardiac Genomics Testing and Treatment In Los Angeles

Evaluation and treatment by a qualified genetic counselor is an immense boon to any patient’s cardiovascular health. After undergoing this process, Dr. Cynthia Thaik M.D. and her team can counsel on whether common countermeasures like aspirin and vitamin E therapy will be beneficial or not. Additionally they can advise as to whether it is advisable to reduce consumption of caffeine. If you are in an at-risk demographic, or your family medical history (or lack of availability of your family medical history) gives you cause to believe you may be in an at-risk demographic, consider CardiaX. It can be of substantial aid to you and your loved ones, helping you all live longer, healthier lives. Cardiovascular genomics have already made a significant impact on many patients’ lives. There is good cause to be optimistic of a positive trend to come, away from deaths from sudden cardiac arrest and unexpected or incorrectly diagnosed heart conditions. Locked in everyone’s DNA are the answers we need to extend our lives and improve the quality of life for those suffering.