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Standard Process Brand Supplements for Heart Health

Are you using Standard Process supplements for heart health? The Holistic Healing Heart Center takes many approaches to cultivating good cardiovascular health. There are several things which can be done without the involvement of medical professionals to keep your heart beating those vital 100,000 times every day.
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30 Minutes Exercise a Day

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Lose Weight

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Avoid Smoking

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Manage Stress

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Choose a Diet of Fruit and Vegetables, Whole Grains, & Lean Meat

What if I’m at Higher Risk for Heart Disease?

If you believe yourself to be at risk of heart disease because of your lifestyle or family health history, there are additional precautions you can take. The Holistic Healing Heart Center can provide cardiac genetic testing to read your genome and pinpoint risk factors. Once these risk factors have been identified, we’ll take a look at your diet to make sure you’re getting enough of the key nutrients for a healthy heart. We also offer a selection of quality supplements that can improve and support heart health.
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Which Supplements Support a Healthy Heart?

There are many nutrients and foodstuffs that can be ingested if you want to improve your cardiovascular health. Here’s our rundown of supplement facts concerning supplements that your heart might benefit from.

Coenzyme Q10:

A substance similar to a vitamin, CoQ10 is made by the body to produce energy required for cell growth and maintenance. It also has antioxidant properties. It can be found in high concentrations in organ meats, particularly the heart, liver, and kidneys, and is also present in peanuts, mackerel, sardines, beef, and soy oil. All coenzymes assist enzymes in working to protect the heart and skeletal muscles, but CoQ10 is of particular note as it helps with heart failure and speeds recovery from exercise.
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Supplements containing soluble and insoluble fiber are a suitable supplement in the event that your diet is low. Psyllium fiber can contribute to lowering cholesterol when paired with a low cholesterol, low saturated fat diet.
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Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids:

These fatty acids, such as are found in fish oil, vegetables, and other plants, lower the body’s production of triglycerides, that can cause coronary artery disease, heart disease, and stroke. Supplementation with fish oil has been shown in multiple double-blind studies to have positive effects on patients with poor cardiovascular health.
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Low magnesium levels are linked to cardiovascular issues such as calcification of soft tissues, high blood pressure, build-up of arterial plaque, and cholesterol. Patients suffering from kidney disease should be wary of magnesium supplements, however.

Standard Process Heart Health Supplements

Standard Process offers a variety of heart health supplements. Its approach to nutrient-rich supplements is different from the strategy other supplement companies use. Standard Process strives to use nutrients found in whole foods, that are more easily absorbed and utilized by the human body. They are presented in a natural manner: in combination with other nutrients, and in natural doses as opposed to large doses that the body can’t process. The intent of this is to allow the body to more efficiently digest and process these nutrients.

What Is Cardio-Plus Used For?

Cardio-Plus is one of Standard Process’ cardiovascular system supplements. It supports healthy blood flow, provides antioxidants (including vitamin C), and helps you exercise by supporting the increased oxygen demand. A single serving size contains substantial amounts of niacin, riboflavin, and vitamin B6, as well as selenium and vitamin E. It can be very helpful as a supplement for individuals with high blood pressure. One of its primary ingredients is bovine heart PMG extract, which supports heart muscle function.

What is Cataplex B?

Cataplex B is another of Standard Process’ supplements. It contains a proprietary blend of whole foods combined with animal tissue extracts: specifically, significant amounts of bovine liver, organic beet root, nutritional yeast, and porcine duodenum. It also features organic sweet potato and rice bran. With large doses of thiamin, niacin, and vitamin B6, it supports physical and nervous system health. It supports energy production in all cells, and maintains healthy homocysteine levels. Cataplex B has been proven to be beneficial for patients with A-fib and arrhythmia.

Can Cataplex G Help Me?

The Cataplex G supplement is effective in maintaining nerve health and calming the nervous system. It encourages healthy parasympathetic nerve function, brain and nervous system function, and supports healthy liver function. It also contributes to the body’s metabolism. In terms of nutrients, it contains substantial amounts of riboflavin and niacin, while also offering small doses of vitamin B6 and vitamin C.

What Does Cataplex F Do?

Cataplex F is a supplement which is pertinent to the body’s inflammatory response function, supporting that. It contains rare omega-3 fatty acids from plants, and calcium to promote a healthy heart, as well as iodine to assist the thyroid’s function. It also improves the body’s ability to absorb calcium, and promotes healthy skin and hair.

Will Cardiotrophin PMG Help My Heart?

Yes. Cardiotrophin PMG contains a substantial amount of bovine heart PMG extract, which supports heart muscle function and the greater cardiovascular system. This is suitable for individuals with weak heart muscle. It also provides a unique profile of minerals, nucleotides, and peptides.

What is E-Z Mg?

If you are concerned by the animal products in the other Standard Process supplements, you may be interested in E-Z Mg, an entirely plant-based supplement that delivers plant-based magnesium. It is certified USDA Organic, and is also vegan and gluten-free. As well as magnesium derived from Swiss chard and buckwheat, it also contains substantial amounts of vitamin K1. It’s worth noting that, if you are taking blood-thinning medicines, vitamin K1 can interact with them. If you are on a low-oxalate diet, consult a health care professional before taking E-Z Mg. Part of the appeal of E-Z Mg is that it contains multiform magnesium, which can contribute to improvement in its uptake by the human gut. The Holistic Healing Heart Center has these and other supplements to assist with heart health on supply. You can contact us through the website and talk about how Standard Process supplements might help you.
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About the author

Dr. Cynthia Thaik, M.D., FACC is a Harvard-trained cardiologist serving the greater Los Angeles community at her holistic health center in Burbank and Valencia, CA. Dr. Thaik is the author of Your Vibrant Heart: Restoring Health, Strength, and Spirit from the Body’s Core. To learn more about Dr. Thaik or the Holistic Healing Heart Center, or to schedule an appointment, please contact info@drcynthia.com or call (818) 842-1410.

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