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Spiraling Love

“Spiraling Love” by Keith Richmond With the miracle of the nourished heart, comes a reverie our soul can now impart, for the exchange that has now taken hold, is a formula of mathematic gold. From heart’s center comes a wondrous thing, the strand of love winds round just like a spring, it curves and grows […]

You Caught Me Loving You

“You Caught Me Loving You” by Keith Richmond In every word that’s spoken, in every sound you hear can be felt my heart awoken, and my need to have you near. What you see in every plate I bring, in every flower placed just so, is the singing of a soul content, and a way […]


“Surrender” by Keith Richmond Shakespeare wrote of undying love, Mozart dictated to from high above, Michelangelo’s punishment was the Sistine pride, Van Gogh was tortured deep inside. The world’s masters all had a common thread, as creative thoughts ran through their head. What felt like demons at the start, transformed their visions into great art. […]


“Imagination” by Keith Richmond From imagination we have seen, wonders of every kind, and magic that has come to life, has come from in the mind. The mind is where we journey free, to places that our heart can see, where calm and comfort may be found, and a symphony heard in every sound. And […]


“Staircase” by Keith Richmond What we know of what life has to offer, is learned in each step that we take; and what will hold us to each other, will be the choices that we make. You see, life is like a flight of stairs, a passage from floor to floor; we can have it […]

Poetry: A Greater Plan

“A Greater Plan” by Keith Richmond There are dark forces that do walk, Amongst the the bright and knowing, in false gestures and in empty talk, they will take the love we’re showing. But blindness does not justify, their path across the land, and when they start to vilify, we must then release their hand. […]