Alkaline Diet for Body Balance

Discover the wide range of health and longevity benefits that come from a balanced alkaline diet.

Many people don’t know that several of the foods we regularly eat have a negative effect on our alkaline body balance. The human body is naturally an alkaline environment, with a blood pH of 7.4 to 7.6. However, when we consume an overly acidic diet, we throw off our body’s healthy pH balance, causing us to become more susceptible for illness and disease. When our body’s normal pH balance becomes too acidic we expose ourselves to elevated risk of suffering from heart disease, diabetes arthritis, cancer, and other chronic diseases.

How to Control the Body’s pH Balance through Diet:

Fortunately, the human body is equipped with several mechanisms that work together to keep pH at an optimal level. Our organs are able to neutralize and eliminate excess acid from the body – but this ability has its limits. The best way to maintain an adequate acid-alkaline base within the body is to consume a healthy diet composed of at least 50-80% alkaline foods and limiting highly acidic foods.

The standard Western diet is generally high in acid- forming foods such as meat, dairy, corn, wheat, and refined sugars which overwhelm the body’s mechanisms for removing excess acid. At the same time, our diets are notably deficient in alkalizing foods such as fruits and vegetables.

Therefore, an overall healthy diet should consist mostly of alkaline foods:

  • Vegetables – salad greens, cabbage,  carrots, radish, watercress, turnip, garlic, squash, zucchini, cucumber, asparagus, onion, peas, chives, celery, kale
  • Fruits – apple, bananas, berries, cantaloupe
  • Seeds, nuts, and grains – pumpkin, sesame, flax, sunflower, pine nuts, almonds
  • Natural fats and oils – olive, flax
  • Drinks- water, herbal teas, fresh vegetable juices, non-sweetened soy milk

What can a Dieter Expect from Following a High Alkaline Diet?
There are many benefits to eating an alkaline diet:

  • Improved energy levels
  • Healthier teeth and gums
  • Improved immune function
  • Reduced pain and inflammation
  • Lower risk of chronic diseases
  • Protect the body against cancer and even help to cure it once it has developed
  • Slower aging – better functioning cells when subjected to less acidic environment means a younger appearance for you
  • Weight Management

Tips for Starting an Alkaline Diet:

The more you learn about how everything you’ve been doing up until now has caused an extremely acidic environment in your body can give you the motivation and determination to make some much needed diet and lifestyle changes.

  1. Get a list or chart that identifies foods as either alkaline or acidic (use it while grocery shopping)
  2. Drink plenty of pure water. This is vital for a number of reasons. The body needs enough water to properly function and metabolize stored fat in an efficient way. Key role in getting rid of excess weight, and also helps dilute salt to reduce retention.
  3. Search for delicious alkaline recipes
  4. Use herbs frequently to find creative and healthy ways to add flavors to your meals
  5. Drizzle on healthy oils (olive oil, grape seed oil, flax)
  6. Start slowly by gradually incorporating more alkaline foods into your regular diet
  7. Choose alkaline food combinations that you and your family already enjoy

 Alkanalizing Foods


Alfalfa *
Barley Grass *
Cabbage, lettuce fresh
Collard Greens
Cucumber, fresh*
Dandelion *
Edible Flowers
Endive, fresh
Green Beans
Green Peas
Jicama *
Kale *
Mustard greens
Pumpkin (raw)
Red Cabbage
Red beets, fresh
Sea Veggies
Soy Sprouts *
Wheat grass*
White cabbage


Coconut, fresh
Fresh lemons and limes


Flax Seeds
Granulated Soy
Lima Beans
Pumpkin Seeds
Pine Nuts (raw)
Sprouted Seeds*
Soy flour
Soy lecithin, pure*
Soy nuts (soaked from soy beans)*
Sunflower Seeds
Tempeh (fermented)
Tofu (fermented)
Whey Protein Concentrate


Coconut Oil (raw)*
Flaxseed oil
Olive oil
Sesame Oil


Chili Pepper
Herbs (all)
Oregano *


Alkaline Water
Baking soda
Bee Pollen
Fresh Vegetable Juices
Herbal Green Tea
Mineral Water
Natural Fruit Juices
Non-sweetened Soy milk

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