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Jack Canfield

Co-creator of Chicken Soup to Inspire the Body and Soul®

This book is chocked full of vital, valuable information for living a long, healthy, vibrant life. It is literally a handbook for a healthy heart. It is easy to read and easy to apply. I highly recommend it.

Mary Morrissey

Author of Building Your Field of Dreams

Your Vibrant Heart contains a treasure trove of keys to health and happiness. How you use them is entirely up to you. The only important thing is that you do use them. Because, as you are about to discover, this is not just a book you read. This is a book you live.

Bob Proctor

Bestselling author of You Were Born Rich.

Dr Cynthia Thaik is THE doctor to open your mind and your life to the way and the means to REAL health in every area of life. I recommend you not only read her book but that you take her “prescriptions” for better living. It may actually save your life!

William Sears, MD

Author of "Prime-time Health"

This book is a wonderful read about the mind-heart connection, written by a scientifically based cardiologist. Dr. Cynthia gives you the motivational tools to create a happier brain and a healthier heart. Dr’s orders: read it, do it, feel it.

Ilchi Lee

Author of the New York Times bestseller "The Call of Sedona: Journey of the Heart"

“Your Vibrant Heart” is written from the heart. Cynthia has found a simple and compelling way to pull together her professional knowledge, personal narrative, and wisdom from multiple disciplines to keep your heart healthy and vibrant. Everyone can benefit from this well-balanced, inspirational approach to the health of the heart and the art of living to your heart’s content.

Tama Kieves

Best-selling author of "THIS TIME I DANCE! Creating the Work You Love" and "INSPIRED & UNSTOPPABLE: Wildly Succeeding In Your Life’s Work!"

Dr. Cynthia Thaik is a visionary who will advance your health in every way. Combining smart science with cutting-edge-inspired strategies, she is the wave of the future. As someone who advo- cates following your heart to the fullest, I’m excited to recommend Dr. Cynthia, who will help you care for your precious heart—so that you can listen to it and offer all your gifts to our world.

Dr. Tran Tien Chanh, MD

Author of "Because It’s Your Life, the Ideal Protein Method"

The principle of dualism in Chinese culture argues that if reflection takes place in the brain, intelligence—also referred to as Shen—lies in one’s heart. Thanks to her dual culture, Dr. Cynthia does a fantastic job presenting her holistic view on health throughout her captivating and well- documented book, which is made accessible with simple words: words that come from the heart.

Cynthia Kersey

Best-selling Author of "Unstoppable"

“Your Vibrant Heart” is a powerful guide for anyone desiring to strengthen their heart. It combines insightful medical knowledge with complementary healing methods and offers a scientifically-based approach to heal your heart on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Toby Needleman

Positive Psychology Coach

What if it were possible to heal your heart or enjoy vibrant health, vitality, and flexibility of body and mind? What if it were possible to age with ease, grace, purpose, and passion? What if it were possible to live a life you LOVE? “Your Vibrant Heart” shows you how. Read and apply the life-mastery tools in Dr. Cynthia’s book. She is a true master healer who embodies the best of East and West, of science and spirituality, of true health and happiness.

Joanne Badeaux


Dr. Cynthia’s “Your Vibrant Heart” is inclusive of not only medical issues, but also of themes related to celebrating life’s purpose. The book serves as a quick reference and provides valu- able and practical tips to implement immediately in the areas of nutrition, exercise, and stress. The book is written with unexpected humor and wit and is easy to digest and comprehend.

Manasnati T.

Los Angeles, CA

In “Your Vibrant Heart,” Dr. Thaik shares all of her knowledge and wisdom to her patients. I am living proof of the benefits of following her teachings. Prior to meeting Dr. Thaik, I was hospitalized for a cerebral aneurysm caused by high blood pressure. Within two months of working with her, I lost 15 pounds! My blood pressure returned to normal. My spirit was rejuvenated, and she gave me courage to not give up. I now work out daily and feel great! Thank you so much, Dr. Thaik, for giving “ME” back.

Michael Yost

Valencia, CA

Dr. Cynthia has been my cardiologist for many years. Both in her medical practice and now in this book she shares her own transformational journey to inspire and motivate you. She has a wealth of medical knowledge and communicates this information in a manner that is easy to understand and apply to daily living. Unlike most doctors, she offers an alternative to conventional pharmacologic therapy, and she gives a balanced opinion to health and healing. She helped my wife and me collectively lose over 100 pounds and improved my blood pressure and my heart arrhythmia. I am forever grateful to Dr. Cynthia Thaik.

Gay Hendricks, Ph.D.

Author of Conscious Loving and The Big Leap

Read this special book! Your Vibrant Heart is about the heart and its higher potentials, but perhaps most importantly, it’s from the heart. Dr. Cynthia shares her own journey of the heart, as well as the wisdom from the hundreds of patients she’s worked with over the years. What I like most about the book is that it shows us the real inside-job of health, how to draw on the power of love to reinvent ourselves from the inside out.

Bernie Siegel, MD

Best-selling author of Love, Medicine & Miracles

In Your Vibrant Heart, Dr. Cynthia shares the secrets to restoring your health from the inner core, combining psyche and soma into a beautiful relationship centered on love and gratitude, The book explores the potency of self-directed healing, when we allow the positive energies of our mind and our heart to guide our lives.

Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.

Author of Minding the Body, Mending the Mind.

In Your Vibrant Heart, a new voice in mind–body medicine, cardiologist Cynthia Thaik, M.D., integrates valuable medical knowledge, scientific facts, and holistic practices. She shows you how to integrate meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and self-awareness in a powerful program that brings forth inner peace, wellbeing, and the dynamic balance we call health. Bravo, Dr. Cynthia!

Brian Tracy

Bestselling author of "The Psychology of Achievement"

This revolutionary book on heart health is the most complete study ever done to show you how to live longer, better, happier and more vibrantly than you ever thought possible.

Janet Bray Attwood

Dr Cynthia Thaik’s “Your Vibrant Heart” is a fascinating read for anyone interested in the physical and psychological connection we have with our hearts. Clearly written and full of useful information, filled with actual case studies, and backed up with research, this book is a must-read for anyone recovering from heart disease or seeking to strengthen their heart.

John J. Blair Sr.

Vice President, NSA-JuicePlus+® / Board Chair of the Council for Responsible Nutrition

In Your Vibrant Heart Dr. Cynthia Thaik provides a comprehensive guide for optimal health and wellness in our complex, modern world. She draws upon her impressive medical education, solid science, years of medical practice, and her own transformational life experience to share with us the secrets of mind–body–spirit balance that is channeled through the human heart. Dr. Cynthia provides invaluable advice for each of us to follow on our own search for health, vitality, and joy. Your Vibrant Heart describes a visionary, holistic view of medicine as positive proactive wellness and not just reactive disease cure, including the importance of whole-food nutrition as a dietary foundation for a healthy, vibrant heart, body, and mind.

Ocean Robbins

CEO "The Food Revolution Network," co-author, "Voices of the Food Revolution"

If you want a healthy and happy heart, you’re going to LOVE “Your Vibrant Heart!” Dr. Cynthia Thaik combines the latest scientific breakthroughs in health and nutrition with cutting-edge insights to support your emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Thoroughly researched and profoundly practical, this book will guide you on the path to a healthy heart and a more love-filled life. Read it and thrive!

Doddie Wilson, RN

Sherman Oaks, CA

I have had the privilege to work with Dr. Cynthia for over 10 years, as a registered nurse and a licensed nurse practitioner. She is a Harvard-trained cardiologist with impeccable credentials and a highly acclaimed research and clinical background. Besides her “book smarts,” her true magic is in her love, energy, and excitement at sharing her belief that all patients have within them the ability to transform their health and their lives. She believes in personal responsibility. She is realistic and encourages small but concrete steps to initiate change. She shares it all in “Your Vibrant Heart.” She is a great mentor, educator, and physician.

Kathryn Ford

Life Mastery Consultant and Coach

Dr. Cynthia reveals with elegant simplicity the inseparable bond between the mind, body, and soul that directly affects “Your Vibrant Heart.” The prescription she has written is one of love, and this book is a must-read for anyone interested in living their best life! She presents the material in a unique fashion; concepts and tools can easily be integrated into our lives. An important book for all my clients.

Cathy Wild

Canyon Country, CA

While waiting for my appointment with Dr. Thaik for heart fluttering, I picked up a review copy of her book, Your Vibrant Heart. The index listed a section called “Be Still My Heart”. This section was written for me! Dr. Thaik ran some tests and determined that my heart was healthy and that having some irregular heartbeats was actually normal. Dr. Thaik evaluates you, not just your heart. This book is a wealth of information that will help you understand your heart and why it functions as it does. I thank her for all of her insight.

Randy Eriksen

Glendale, CA

Dr. Thaik has evolved professionally, emotionally, and spiritually over the past five years, and it is an inspiration to witness. Dr. Thaik has helped me more than any other physician. She truly cares about my physical, emotional, and spiritual health. She helped me become more aware of my bad habits and develop a better diet, fitness, and lifestyle. My general health has greatly improved, and I will always be grateful. I am happy to see her expand her influence beyond her patients through the writing of this wonderful book.

Leslye A. Gustat


I’ve gone to Dr. Thaik for years, and the reason is simple; she’s a brilliant scientist, but that is not all. What sets her apart is her attention to the rest of the “machine.”. She teaches nutrition and speaks to her patients on the power of emotional well-being. It is apparent that what she strives for is bringing all of the parts together for complete (heart) health. She shares all of her passion and knowledge in this well written book.

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