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Vacation Retreat to Heal the Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul

Sometimes you need a break to revive the heart, rejuvenate your body, recharge your mind, and soothe your soul. While you could take a holiday to the crowded beaches of the Caribbean, or the well-trodden tourist trail in Europe, why not take a holiday that will teach you skills that will last a lifetime? Vacation retreats that offer courses or workshops in healthy lifestyle practices such as yoga, meditation, adventure sports, and nutrition can open your eyes to new ways of life and deepen your connection to your heart, body, mind, and spirit.

Meditation Sanctuaries

Clear your mind and release your stress and tension on a getaway to a meditation sanctuary. The Middle Way Meditation Retreat in Thailand is an excellent place for people of all ages, cultures, and religions to learn techniques for finding inner peace and serenity. There are a number of locations across Thailand that offer 3-day or 7-day retreats where you can stay in modest wooden bungalows, eat healthy meals, and learn mediation from experienced Buddhist monks. The Middle Way also has meditation retreats in Hawaii, Australia, South Africa, and Dubai.

Yoga Retreats

A yoga retreat is a great way to get fit and enjoy a holiday at the same time. Learn the basics or build on what you already know about this ancient healing art that can improve flexibility, increase muscle tone, and reduce stress and high blood pressure. One of the best places to immerse yourself in yoga is at The Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali. This is a one-stop center for yoga classes, healing practices, teacher training courses, and spa treatments, all set in beautiful bamboo buildings in the middle of lush green rice fields. Classes here include Vinyasa yoga, Chakra meditation, and Ecstatic Dance. There is also a cafe on site that serves fresh organic food and juices.

Raw Food Workshops

Studies show that the raw food diet can offer huge health benefits for the body. Even if you do not want to completely give up cooked foods, a raw food workshop can give you some great ideas for unique and nutritious meals for optimal health. The Raw Foundation Culinary Arts Institute in Vancouver, Canada is one of the world’s leading living schools, with classes that cover topics such as the basics of raw food, eating for higher consciousness, raw desserts, and herbs for health. They also have chef certification courses in raw food, nutrition counseling, and raw food retreats that run for one day or one weekend in Vancouver, or one week in Sweden or Spain.

The next time you plan a holiday, consider immersing yourself in a course or retreat that will bring long-lasting benefits to your body, mind, and spirit. Not only will you learn a new skill, but you may just find a new hobby that allows you to live your life with deeper meaning, happiness, and fulfillment.

Adventure Sports Getaways

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, ‘do one thing every day that scares you’. If you want to try something new, slightly scary, and good for your body and soul, why not try adventure sports? Queenstown, New Zealand is the adventure capital of the world, with exciting outdoor activities on offer such as white water rafting, bungee jumping, ice climbing, spelunking, jet boating, surfing, diving, skiing, and snowboarding. While adventure sports may not conquer all your fears, they will get the adrenaline pumping, and create memories that will last for years to come.



About the author

Dr. Cynthia Thaik, M.D., FACC is a Harvard-trained cardiologist serving the greater Los Angeles community at her holistic health center in Burbank and Valencia, CA. Dr. Thaik is the author of Your Vibrant Heart: Restoring Health, Strength, and Spirit from the Body’s Core. To learn more about Dr. Thaik or the Holistic Healing Heart Center, or to schedule an appointment, please contact info@drcynthia.com or call (818) 842-1410.

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