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Wellness Services

Are you searching for peace and serenity – to live not only with a physically healthy heart, but an emotionally and spiritually vibrant heart? While diet and exercise are important components of health and well being, Dr. Cynthia and her team provide a variety of services that focus on restoring health to the mind, body, and spirit.

Mental Detox Program

Overwhelmed by the constant flow of stress, fear, or anxiety? Tired of feeling limited by your own thoughts and beliefs? Ready to radiate self-love and gratitude toward others?

Dr. Cynthia provides a mental detox program like no other. Her four-week program is strategically designed to:

  • Release and replace toxic emotions
  • Enhance your self image
  • Explore forgiveness and trust
  • Embrace self-love and gratitude * (Results may vary.)

Life Coaching

The expert life-coaches on Dr. Cynthia’s team provide customized service geared to address patient health concerns as well as overall personal well being and success.

The coaching team identifies obstacles, provides emotional support to empower patients to take greater responsibility for their health, and guide patients in the right direction toward living a life focused on achieving their life’s purpose and goals.

The coaching component of our program that we offer is one of the most important parts of our wellness program because we give you the tools and techniques that promise lasting positive results.

Through our coaching program, you will:

  • Set and accomplish goals
  • Learn how to incorporate sustainable energy into your lifet
  • Understand and learn how to reduce self-destructive habits
  • Shift your diet to increase your energy levels
  • Increase your self-esteem
  • Reduce stress and anxiety *

* Results may vary.


Many of us lead hectic lives, with work, school, family responsibilities, and social obligations taking their toll. This can lead to feeling overworked, stressed, and burnt out – making our way through life like robots.  An extremely effective way to find balance in our lives is to improve mental and physical health through meditation.  Meditation is a practice that focuses on cultivating a higher state of mental awareness and consciousness, through focus on creating a state of mindfulness, self-regulation, and focus on the internal state of a body and mind. The act of meditation involves clearing the mind by focusing on the present and being aware of our thoughts and emotions.

Scientific benefits of meditation:

  • Increased concentration and memory
  • Enhanced brain activity
  • Increased in metabolism
  • Rise in self-esteem
  • Greater sense of awareness and individual purpose
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Reduced headaches and pain
  • Decreased stress, depression, and anxiety *

* Results may vary.

For those looking to be introduced to this practice or advance their current practice, the Dr. Cynthia team provides guided meditation and coaching to help patients tap into the blissful calm they have been searching for.


We all experience fear, sadness, suffering, or pain at some point in their lives, and tend to store this energy inside our body and mind. Over time, this negative energy can build up and cause blockages that prevent us from maintaining a healthy and productive life. Blockages can also lead to illness, fatigue, pain, insomnia, anger, depression, and grief. Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT), or Tapping, is a simple and easy method to release this threatening pain and negativity.

EFT is also known as emotional acupuncture because it involves focusing on the body’s meridians to tackle energy blockages. However, unlike acupuncture, EFT does not involve invasive needles. Dr. Cynthia’s tapping practitioners simply use the fingers to lightly tap on certain acupuncture points.

The process begins by focusing on a specific problem that is holding you back or causing you pain. As you think about that problem, you or a your trained therapist will gently tap on specific points on the body to release negative emotions and pain. During the session you will also repeat positive affirmations or mantras that will help you focus on your goals and achieve better peace of mind and happiness. *

* Results may vary.


Hypnotherapy is among the powerful resources that Dr. Cynthia and her team may prescribe to support deep and lasting lifestyle changes.

During a hypnotherapy session, in a state of deep relaxation and their attention is intensely focused on one particular thought or activity. The hypnotherapist will make suggestions to the patient to implement positive changes in their lives, or uncover buried thoughts, memories, or emotions. Once the patient has reached a state of heightened awareness, the hypnotherapist will use suggestions to help the patient tackle negative situations in their lives. The therapist may also use exercises to help the patient express thoughts and emotions that are hidden in their subconscious mind.

There is a common misconception that hypnosis is dangerous and that unethical therapists can convince patients to do things they do not want to do. This idea is completely erroneous. Patients who undergo hypnotherapy are always in control of their minds and bodies. If anything, the level of awareness is significantly heightened. A therapist cannot convince a patient to do anything they do not want to do.

Hypnotherapy can be effective in treating disorders such as insomnia, stress, depression, anxiety, and other negative emotions brought on by trauma. In addition, it can aid in quitting smoking, pain reduction, and eliminating phobias. If you feel that you have a psychological problem that you cannot tackle on your own, hypnotherapy may be a good option for you. *

* Results may vary.

Integrated Energy Therapy & Reiki

Although we may not realize it, every experience in life leaves a mark on us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Positive experiences can make us feel light, hopeful, and warm, while negative experiences can be stored deep inside our bodies and cause pain and suffering. To get rid of this buildup of negative energy, it is important to release the blockages that are holding us back from our true potential and optimum health. Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) and Reiki are two highly effective ways to rid our bodies of harmful energy. Reiki and IET are complimentary to each other, and are often used in combination to produce powerful results. *

* Results may vary.

Integrated Energy Therapy:

A method of healing using gentle touch and divine energy to release negative blockages deep within our cells. A typical IET session will begin with a discussion about which areas the patient wants to heal. The patient will then lie fully clothed on a massage table, and the practitioner will lightly touch specific power points along the spine to channel high vibrations of divine energy into the body. This pushes the bad energy out so that the patient releases pain and suffering and feels more peaceful, relaxed, and empowered. *

* Results may vary.


Reiki also focuses on channeling positive energy to push out negative blockages that cause pain and balance the body, mind, and spirit of the patient. Like an IET session, a Reiki session begins with discussing areas of healing. Here, the patient will also lie fully clothed on a massage table. The difference is that a Reiki practitioner will place their hands in strategic spots above the patient’s body. These spots coincide with the 7 chakras, or energy centers, in the body. A Reiki practitioner will channel high-frequency energy into the body to accelerate healing and encourage relaxation. *

* Results may vary.


Expert applied aromatherapy treatments may assist in restoring and balancing your energy and healing on a subconscious level.

There are multiple ways you may receive aromatherapy treatments. The first is through a diffuser. Through intuitive and careful selection, the therapist applies drops of the selected oils into the diffuser. Within minutes, the oils fill the room with the therapeutic aroma, providing immediate relaxation. The second method is diluting the oils and applying them directly on strategic areas of the body. The therapist often combines aromatherapy with meditation or energy healing to accelerate the healing process in the mind and body. *

* Results may vary.

Note: The office of Dr. Cynthia only uses therapeutic grade “A” essential oils.


Women who are pregnant or may be pregnant, individuals with allergies, asthma, seizures, high blood pressure, or individuals who are receiving chemotherapy should consult with their functional medicine doctor before receiving aromatherapy treatment.

A healthy heart cannot exist without a healthy mind. Looking after your emotional and mental health is just as important as taking care of your physical health – Dr. Cynthia